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PET films are most often used in flexible packaging applications for lamination to heat sealable thermoplastic film such as LDPE after first being reverse printed. They can be supplied either plain, corona treated or so called chemically treated (with acrylic acid) which increases the surface energy for enhanced printing ink adhesion. PET films can be metallised with different optical densities to improve moisture barrier and similarly can be pvdc coated. Iso tropic and heat stabilised grades for lidding applications available. Metallised PET is also used for decorative lamination to carton board for such as whisky boxes.

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  • Plain or Corona treated PET film for lamination and coating
  • Chemically treated PET film again for printing, coating and lamination where enhanced ink adhesion is required
  • Metallised PET films where high oxygen barrier is required. Can be metallised with different optical density for varying barrier performance from flash metallised for ESD (electrostatic discharge) bag films to plasma enhanced metalisation with optical density >3.0 for thermal insulation purposes. Metal can be one or 2 side coated and can be on corona or chemically treated films.
  • PVDC Top Coated PET films designed for high moisture and oxigen barrier flexible packaging. Suitable for pasteurizable applications, use with fatty foods and excellent heat resistance suitable for transparent lidding purposes.


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