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PE Films LDPE film HPDE film MDPE film polythene film supplier uk
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PE Films

Blown Low density (LD), High density (HD) or Medium density (MD) polythene film as a mono or 3 and 5 layer coex film with different copolymer combinations to alter rigidity and mechanical properties. Can be supplied as Single Wound Sheet (SWS) or as Layflat Tube with one, two side coroana treatment for ink adhesion or without treatment. Different combinations of slip additives can be introduced.

Coex films can be produced with different resin types to provide barrier properties to moisture oxygen or other chemical substances. These commonly include EVOH, nylon (PA), PP (polypropylene) and Polystyrene (PS).

All films can be supplied printed upto 6 colours flexo.

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Heat sealable Coex LDPE for Lamination to another substrate such as PET, BOPP or Aluminium film to provide a heat sealable laminate for flexible packaging applications. If an evoh coex film is laminated to a second transparent film, barrier properties can be achieved without the use of metallised film or aluminium foil so allowing the pack contents to be viewed. Can be made peelable for easy open packs.

LDPE for Bag in Box applications for liquids such as wine, box liners

LDPE for packaging films as a mono web film for protecting newspapers, magazines, & direct mail

White/Black pigmented coex LDPE films where optical density is important such as security bags and photographic bags and for simple carrier bags

HDPE for Bag lining where moisture protectection is required in a paper sack such as a cement bag

Bio-degradable films - compostable using materbi resin and watersoluble films

PS film for lamination to EPS ( expanded polystyrene foam) to provide a hard finish for thermoformable meat trays. can be supplied also as a coex with PE and PE/EVOH for MAP packaging

Retortable PP/evoh/PP barrier lidding for extended shelf life packs


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