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CPP (Cast PolyPropylene) Film is produced simply by extruding resin onto a chill roller. there is no stretching but the film does have to be "cured" so allowing the slip additives to migrate to the surface. It can be produced as a mono or coex film with different copolymer combinations to alter rigidity and mechanical properties. It normallly comes as standard with 1 side corona treatment.

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  • CPP for Lamination. Often CPP is laminated to another substrate such as PET or Aluminium film to provide a heat sealable medium to moulded PP containers for lidding applications.
  • CPP for Bag making. Supplied as SWS (single wound sheet) or centre or J-folded for simple side weld bags for such as fresh produce, textile garments and greetings cards. Good optical properties and side weld strength. Also find use in industrial process applications.
  • Metallised CPP typically for magazine bags as above
  • White pigmented CPP films for the same applications as above and also for in-mould labelling (IML)


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