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BOPP (Bi-Oriented PolyPropylene) Film is made by casting and then sequentially stretching a cast film, first in the machine direction and then in the transverse direction to achieve excellent optical and mechanical properties.

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  • BOPP over Lamination films are used for to protect the print and provide enhanced optical properties in print finishing and label printing applications. Films can be gloss or matt, in a variety of gauges with or with out 2 side treatment depending if variable data will be printed onto the outside of the final product. They can be laminated usiing "wet" UV adhesive, or can be self adhesive on indeed have a so called Thermal adhesive layer which is an extruded eva coating activated by heat.

  • BOPP Label face films can be used for either as mono films for sheet fed offset printed appliactions or as the printable face film of a self adhesive laminate. These can be clear for that " no label look", white (gloss or matt) or metallised. Usually these films are cavitated for improved yield and can be supplied top coated for improved ink adhesion. 1 or 2 side treated. Suitable for in-mould labelling.

  • Plain or Homopolymer BOPP is non heatsealable film with good optical and mechanical properties often used for side weldable bag making applications such as greetings card bags. Good layflat properties.

  • Coextruded (Coex) heatsealable BOPP films are often used in flexible packaging applications for flowwrapping or carton overwrapping films where the coplymer content of the film enables heat sealing to itself. can be supplied as clear, white and metallised films and suitable for lamination to a wide variety of other substrates including PE, PET, aluminium foil and CPP. They can also be acrylic and pvdc coated on either or both sides for improved gloss and barrier or sealing properties.

  • Coated films are available as PVDC and Acrylic coated film either 1 side or both sides for for improved gloss and barrier or sealing properties.


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